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      With decades of success manufacturing commercial, pegylated drug products, we can confidently guide you through the many stages of development and manufacturing. That includes the world of PEGylation.


      A common lipid ingredient, PEGylated phospholipid, is a polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer covalently attached to a phospholipid head-group.

      PEGylated phospholipids are used in many lipid-based drug carriers primarily because they offer what is known as a stealth effect to the drug product as it circulates within the body. The human immune system is driven to protect the body from any foreign object, and medicinal nanoparticles are no exception. To aid in delivery efficiency and to allow more circulation time for cargo molecules to reach intended diseases sites, PEG is added to shield these nanoparticles by preventing blood plasma proteins from absorbing into the liposome surface, increasing bloodstream circulation lifetime.1


      The second benefit of PEGylation is a boost in stability for liposome-like nanostructures. Conventional liposomes, particularly those smaller than 200 nm in size, can be unstable on their own and tend to fuse with each other to reduce surface tension. This can result in loss of the encapsulated drug or unfavorable mixing of different vesicles’ cargo. One way drug manufacturers have learned to overcome this problem is by covering the exterior of liposomes with polymers like PEG.


      These stealth-equipped nanoparticles have resulted in a new generation of liposomal formulations and multiple clinically-approved products. PEGylated liposomes and LNPs are currently the new paradigms for most cancer therapeutics.


      PGLA-core LNP@4x


      At Exelead, our team’s knowledge of pegylation technology means you’ll have more experts in your corner during the development and manufacturing process. Find out how we will take your drug product from infancy to a completed product ready for the world with our Preclinical Development, Clinical Supply, and Commercial Contract Manufacturing services.