Our Mission

    To provide high-quality medicines to our customers and the patients they serve

    At Exelead, we offer a rare dedication to the customer who needs a partner—not just a manufacturer.


    We exist to serve the customer who…


    • Started with small-scale manufacturing and now needs to scale up
    • Needs complex injectable formulations
    • Needs assistance preparing for clinical trials
    • Is developing a rare disease product for a small population
    • Wants guidance about state-of-the-art manufacturing and fulfillment processes
    • Needs project management support
    • Needs help navigating the global regulatory and verification process


    We are a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer for small to midsize pharmaceutical companies, specializing in complex injectable formulations, including LNP drug delivery technology and PEGylation.


    Find out more about our pre-commercial manufacturing services and our commercial contract manufacturing services.