Packaging and Inspection

    Best in class technologies that ensure quality throughout

    Accuracy. It’s a philosophy that is hardwired into our pharmaceutical packaging process. So much so, that every vial and every product packaged at Exelead is subjected to a series of automated inspections and verifications at every stage of the packaging process.


    We ensure each vial is filled in a GMP-certified, aseptic manner and stored in refrigerated or frozen conditions as appropriate for each product. Stability is of upmost importance. 


    Once a thorough vial inspection is completed, our check weighers verify that the full amount of product reaches every dosage unit. Our carton printers and labeling systems will accurately read and verify the print on every carton. Our visual inspection specialists are qualified to carefully inspect every item.


    Our vial inspection and packaging protocols include:

    • Nikka Densok High Voltage Leak Detector (HVLD)
    • Online cap lot printing system
    • Semi-automated paced online visual inspection systems
    • Offline manual vial inspection using inspection booths
    • Automated labeling system with Optel Vision system to verify labels
    • Automatic cartoner
    • Carton printer with Optel vision system to verify carton print
    • Automated check weigh system that verifies all packaging is present, by weight
    • Over-wrapper and shrink wrap tunnel
    • Tamper evident sealing capabilities
    • Cold chain control in refrigerated and freezer storage
    • Bosch AIM fully automated inspection machine (Cosmetic and Particulate Inspection)


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