Clinical Supply

    Speed, accuracy and compliance at every stage of your clinical trial

    No matter what the size of your clinical trial, or the scope of the patient population you are targeting, speed and accuracy are critical. You shouldn’t have the complexity of accumulating data from multiple sources, or spend hours trying to pull together the proper documentation and processes for each stage of your clinical trial.


    At Exelead, you’ll never have to. Whether your study is in preclinical, phase 1, 2 or 3 testing, our operation builds in phase-appropriate structures as part of our core business. Products are produced in the same facility and on the same equipment as our commercial contract manufacturing.


    Every client is assigned a project management team that stays with their business from beginning to end, ensuring full GMP compliance. Our teams can help you scale up production, whether your batches are from 1 liter to 1,000. Not only can we handle manufacturing of complex liposomal and PEGlyated formulations, but we consider them our special, mission-driven capabilities. When you complete your clinical trial process, you can expect to have a product that is compliant, and developed with the proper clinical manufacturing procedures for full-scale, commercial operation.



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