Aseptic Filling

    Proven track record of delivering sterile, high quality products 

    At Exelead, creating a process-supported, sterile manufacturing environment is a top priority. This is why all our manufacturing is set up using a Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS). Our fill room is supplied with an ISO 5 (Grade A) quality, uni-directional airflow system (UDAF). Our highly trained staff is qualified in clean room gowning procedures and adheres to strict aseptic practices.


    When you work with Exelead, you can expect the best in aseptic filling techniques and equipment, including:


    • Aseptic filling equipment —choice of high or low volume filler
    • Automated monitoring systems for viable and non-viable particulates
    • Integrated/automated vial wash system
    • Integrated/automated depyrogenation tunnel (sterilized cool zone)
    • Rolling diaphragm and peristaltic pumps for accurate fill weights
    • Handling of sterile components 
    • West capper system, 13mm and 20mm neck sizing


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