QC Micro

    Setting the standard for microbiological testing and safety


    There is nothing more important than the sterility assurance of your product. At Exelead, we’re committed to our maintaining compliance with compendial requirements, and bringing to our client’s product analysis, process development and, environmental monitoring.


    Our microbiology lab is a hub not just for testing but also for training in the industry’s foremost strategies for sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing. We train staff in aseptic technique and clean room gowning procedures, and maintain clean room personnel qualification for all employees.


    In addition, our QC Micro operation can run the following technologies:

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    Sterility testing
    • Barrier isolator technology
    • Direct inoculation
    • Membrane & filtration


    Endotoxin testing

    • Gel clot and turbidimetric methods


    Particulate testing

    • Quantification
    • Identification
    • Characterization


    Microbial enumeration testing




    Sanitizer effectiveness testing

    Environmental monitoring and control

    •        Surface and air testing
    •        Water testing
    •        Steam testing
    •        Compressed gas testing


    Microbial identification

    Media simulations


    Learn more about the stability processes we employ for quality control.

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