Process Scale-up

    Bridging the gap between development to commercial manufacture

    Scaling up production remains one of the biggest challenges in pharma manufacturing. How do you take a product that is being produced a liter at a time, and create a manufacturing process that works just as practically for 100 liters, or 1,000 liters?


    By bringing your product development and manufacturing to Exelead, you gain all the advantages of turnkey manufacturing services, offering you the most economical results with minimal risk. Our team of project managers carefully transfers your current technology, helping you scale up production in an informed, controlled fashion. Our manufacturing services are custom designed to help take your product from concept through appropriate scale to meet all stages of the product life cycle.  


    Our characterization process helps scale up production using state-of-the-art equipment, so you can easily make the transition from the trial phase to the processes necessary for large-scale commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing – either at our facility, or at yours.



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