Liposomal & LNP formulation

    Our core capability, with more than 20 years experience of commercial liposomal manufacturing 

    Other contract manufacturers offer liposomal formulations and manufacturing processes. At Exelead, we are equipped to work well with nimble, entrepreneurial clients who are still in the earliest stages of their molecule development as well as established large sized pharmaceutical companies.


    Let us serve as your partner, offering a full range of services and the analytical models you need to take your molecule and your manufacturing to the next level. Our GMP-ready systems are customized to your product’s needs, to help you get the answers and the processes you need to move forward – quickly.


    Our sterile facility is capable of aseptic formulation and filling. We handle batches smaller than a liter, and batches as large as 1,200 liters. Our closed processing and RABs systems ensures a stable, scalable sterile environment, with the capability to fill up to 100,000 vials in a single sterile fill.


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