Cold chain logistics

    Ensuring temperature control, across every link in the chain


    When your product must be temperature controlled to maintain efficacy, having a cold chain management partner you can trust is key. Exelead can provide you with the service you need to keep your product safe – from manufacture, to storage, to shipping to your end destination.


    Our commitment begins with cold chain manufacturing and storage in sterile containment units set and maintained to the product-specific temperatures. Our cold chain logistics team works with our worldwide delivery partners to ensure your vials are delivered on time, at the right temperature. Our network of delivery partners verify their temperatures remain constant at every moment of the global delivery process. Cold chain deliveries can be made across all continents.


    Cold chain facilities and delivery methods used include:

    • Temperature validated shipping containers for both international and domestic shipments, air and ground.
    • Temperature validated facilities both on-site and off-site that provide temperature control storage and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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