Method Qualification

    Your product – tested, verified, and qualified for manufacture

    When you take your pre-commercial manufacturing to Exelead, you can be assured your product will be tested and verified, every step of the way. Method validation is the cornerstone of our pre-commercial manufacturing process. We can tailor an analytical program to the specific needs of your product, at every stage.


    Using compendial or non-compendial methods, we test your product, during the raw materials stage and the clinical development stage, as well as the finished product/end stage. Our on-site laboratories are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment, allowing us to run a full battery of chemical and microbiological assays to assure product quality. See more about our Quality Control.


    At Exelead, method validation means your product will be fully vetted, verified for product quality, and ready to be released to full clinical manufacturing. On the path to product development, isn’t it good to know you’ll have the product visibility you need, at every point in your product lifecycle?



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