Community Outreach

    Dedication to service, committed to the community

    We are blessed with an employee team that is committed to making Exelead a true corporate partner in the Indianapolis area. Throughout the year we dedicate our time to many different charities and important causes. Here are some of our most recent efforts.


    Pike High School Mentoring


    Student mentoring

    Exelead employees regularly mentor local Pike High School students in chemistry, microbiology, engineering and manufacturing logistics. Our mentorship program includes one-on-one coaching, facility tours, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities. This year, Exelead also donated $50k to the school's STEM programs.


    Results: Local students are gaining an understanding of career and workplace requirements and developing a relationship with industry professionals who can help them navigate tough college and career decisions.



    Other Partnerships

    Teaming up with local organizations

    We're proud to sponsor a handful of local community organizations making a difference in the Indianapolis area.

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