About Us

    A contract pharma manufacturer with rare dedication

    Flexibility. Capabilities. Expertise. Resources. These are the things most companies with a promising molecule look for when they shop for a contract manufacturing organization. You’ll find them all at Exelead. Whether your operation needs batches of 1 liter or 1,000, whether you are just getting started or have established production processes, count on Exelead to provide the support you need.


    Focus on small to medium size batches and complex formulations

    We provide contract manufacturing services with an emphasis on complex, LNP-based and PEGylated formulations. Our contract manufacturing organization is structured to handle small batches and formulations meant for rare disease or small populations.


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    Commitment to quality

    We offer an extensive selection of laboratory services governed by careful quality control processes. Our manufacturing operation integrates clean room standards and cold-chain processes. Our laboratory scientists and GMP knowledgeable managers can help you put the finishing touches on your formulation, fulfill your clinical trial process, and manage your complex logistics and delivery chain. In short, we can take your product from molecule to market.


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    Serving customers around the world

    We manufacture drugs that are being tested or are approved for market throughout Europe, as well as for the United States, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Australia, Chile, Columbia and Japan. We can help you handle all the regulatory paperwork for several markets worldwide.


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