Exelead Employees Encouraged to Take Election Day Off to Vote or Volunteer at the Polls

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All team members will be allowed to take November 3rd off (with pay) to vote in the safest way possible.


Exelead Election Day


Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the company’s scheduled shutdown over Election Day, Exelead is enabling employees to participate in democracy by offering paid voting leave.

Voter turnout is always important, and many polling locations are facing a shortage of volunteers. Since they will have the day off, Exelead employees who feel comfortable doing so are encouraged to consider volunteering at the polls.

In that spirit, this is a friendly reminder to register to vote. The Indiana deadline is October 5, and you can register online at this link: https://indianavoters.in.gov/. The Voter Portal lets you check your voter registration status and provides information on your polling locations. It also contains information to apply to vote via absentee ballot.

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