Liposome Technology

      At Exelead, one of our manufacturing specialties lies in liposomal technology to treat rare diseases in small or underserved populations.

      With over 25 years of experience with lipid-based parenteral drug products, we are ready to guide you through each step of development and manufacturing with ease and confidence.


      What are liposomes? 

      Liposomes are specialized delivery vehicles that serve multiple roles in enhancing the capabilities of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). These lipid bilayers form in the shape of hollow spheres, encapsulating cargo of interest within an aqueous interior or lipid bilayer. With these man-made spherical vesicles, drug products can be held and delivered to specific locations in the body.


      “Liposomes protect loaded drug molecules from external degradation, and their similarity to biological membranes provides unique opportunities to deliver drug molecules into cells or subcellular compartments ... In addition, various physicochemical properties of liposomes can be altered, resulting in functionalities favoring specific drug delivery tasks. These advantages have made liposomes a leading drug delivery platform with a wide range of uses in the clinic.”
      Liposome-like nanostructures for drug delivery, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2013,1,6569





      Our team strives to bring our standard of excellence to your drug products. Whether that be for small or large-scale batches. At Exelead, our team of industry experts will be your bridge from the beginning of your project to the end. Liposomal technology is available across all our Preclinical Development, Clinical Supply, and Commercial Contract Manufacturing services.